Habilitate Doctor of History, Professor at the Anthropology and
Social Technologies Department
Valentin A. Dergachev

Born in 1943.

In 1961 functioned as consultant in the Presidium of Moldavian Society of History and Culture monuments protection.

In 1966 entered the State University of Moldova, Department of History.

In 1969 began working in republic of Moldova Academy of Science, Institute of History. Is transferred to Department of History of Leningrad University. Had postgraduate studies there.

In 1073 succesfuly graduated from the postgraduate studies in Leningrad State University and started functioning in the Academy of Science (the Republic of Moldova) as senior laboratory assistant, in 1974 junior research associate, In 1978 upheld Ph.D. thesis.

Scientific Interests: Aeneolith cultures, (tripoli cultures), bronze cultures, historic and cultural evolution of Carpathian-Dniester region, theoretical archaeology, genezis of cultures, paleometallurgy, systematization of archaeologic sources.

From 1979 till 1991 senior research associate in the Archaeology and Ethnography Section of the Academy of Sciences. In 1990 upheld doctoral thesis.

Since 1991 heads the Institute of Archaeology, the Academy of Science.

Participant of the number of international forums in England, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Chezh Republic, USA, etc. Gave lectures Berlin, Heidelberg, Cambridge, Liege, Krakow, Budapest.

Is the member of:

International Society of 13 of pre and protohistoric researches;
International Council of Indo-european researches and Thracology (Heidelberg-Bucharest);
European Archaeologic Association (London);
International council of Balcan researches (Chishinau-Paris);
Responsible editor of Revista de arheologie si etnografie (Kishinev);
Editorial Board of the Thraco-Dacica Edition (Bucharest);
Editorial Board of the European prehistory (Liege);
Editorial Board of the Strarum plus journal (Kishinev);
Council board of the Archaeology and Ethnography Institute (Kishinev);
Council board of the Thracology Institute (Bucharest);
Council board of the Institute of Culture (Kiev);
The Supreme Commision of Certification (the Republic of Moldova).

In 1996 V.A. Dergachev is awarded with Meritul Civic medal.

Author of 100 works, including 15 monographies.

Is member of the number of International Profile organizations, Scientific councils, Councils of thesis upholding, editorial boards.

Since 1998 works in the High Anthropological School. Gives lectures on History of Material Culture (Iron Age).

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